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Sexiest naruto character

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And she loves Shikamaru. Lesbians having sex gallery. There's a reson why hinatas overrated she's just beautiful but temari is prettyer temari is beautiful and Sakura is pretty and that's all she's like number 14teen prettyest on my list I mean have u ever seen Sakura with out her vags and her other hair covering her face but Sakura is pretty is still pretty V 23 Comments. Sexiest naruto character. No hating of other characters. Rasenshuriken Filterable List Random Jutsu. Jim slip free pictures. Also, it's very important to take good care of your long hair and brush it regularly.

Jutsu Colour Course Change Earth Release: His eyes make girls hearts melt! Please Log In to post. I'm 17 and I love Anime. LOL actually FernandA is my name XD hahahahahaha but I just cant stop of LOL XDDDD this win for original!! Tsunade Just because she's 50 doesn't mean she is an old hag.

This man is sexy and I am not ashamed to admit it. He had lovers and fangirls all throughout the anime, which is really something, because Sasuke is a major character who couldn't care less which girl was desperate for him or what. Have you seen this smooth mofo smirk?

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Minato Namikaze Minato Namikaze is the Fourth Hokage or Yondaime of Konohagakure. Granny hairy pussy movies. Anime List Naruto Top Ten Hottest Female Naruto Characters To Die For By. Common sense and self promotion policies are here Spoilers Click the "spoiler" button to mark a post containing spoilers.

Come to think about it, writing this was such a drag. Ino grew mad hot after time skip. Sexiest naruto character. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Not just by looks but by his awesome personality too. Don't worry, nothing's broken except my spine Tag spoilers No spoilers in titles!

I can imagine someone more fun to be around than this guy. Sasha grey hot wallpaper. Create your own and start something epic. He's both smart and extremely good-looking.

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What has this world come to? Which Roald Dahl book are you? His smiles are even more beautiful because they are so rare. He is a totally BA person and is super powerful. Oh man another DMC reference Something on your mind, champ?

Well I understand hiim why he's like that Rasengan Susanoo Six Paths of Pain Summoning: Plus, she might have developed some new tricks in the Forums Discussion Anime Naruto Shippuden. I don't know XD I saw him in the background of an episode, and thought it was funny: She wore a pair of black low-heeled boots.

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